20+ years of Data analysis


helping answer questions with data

Should you hire an outside firm to manage a case?  What is the general market trend for billing rates across firms?  What are the common invoicing issues you encounter, and how can you identifying them ahead of time?

Are there trends in your cases, conflicts of interest, bad data entry practices? 

What records do you currently track?  What questions are you facing?  Do you have the data you need to answer those questions?  We can help you identify holes in your data collection process, assist in data mapping and data conversion between tracking systems, and visualize your data in easy-to-understand ways which will help you make the decisions you face every day.

What We Can Offer

With over 20 years of experience in the legal case management, billing, and data visualization space, we can help you streamline your processes, saving you time and money.  Improving your data quality and presenting that data visually means improved ability to make the right decisions, quickly.